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Cozy Retreats in Our Enchanting Igloo

Discover winter magic at our hotel with our enchanting igloo. Experience a cozy retreat, adorned with twinkling lights, for unforgettable moments under the stars.


The dining experience within the rooftop igloos at Frolik Kitchen and Cocktails aims to provide guests with a unique and memorable culinary experience. The menu offerings within the igloos are tailored to complement the seasonal theme, featuring dishes and beverages that are well-suited to the outdoor setting. The ambiance within the igloos, coupled with the carefully curated menu, contributes to a heightened sense of exclusivity and luxury for guests.

Neet to know:

The size and layout of the igloos are carefully planned to accommodate a small group of guests while maintaining an intimate and cozy atmosphere. The interior of the igloos is furnished with comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and heating elements to ensure a pleasant dining experience regardless of the outdoor temperature and weather. $200 food and beverage minimum required. 90-minute limit.

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